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Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers Co-Authors HB 3, Which Aims To Transform School Finance In Texas  print page

by: Rep. Bowers, Rhetta

Austin, TEXAS –State Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers (HD 113) today authored House Bill 3, which fundamentally transforms the public school finance system in Texas. Following the bill’s filing, Representative Bowers joined several of her House colleagues at a joint press conference at the State Capitol to announce their support of HB 3.

“I am very excited to join my colleagues from both sides of the aisle in support of this bill. As a former teacher, I am more than aware of how underfunded our public schools are. House Bill 3 invests more than $9 billion towards where the money is needed most, which is in the classroom. By investing in the classroom, we can start meeting the needs of our teachers and students, enabling them to reach their full potential as educators, students and future members of the workforce.”

Some of the noteworthy achievements of HB 3 include increasing the minimum teacher salary schedule while providing an additional $140 million for recruiting and retaining teachers. HB 3 also raises the Basic Allotment for school districts from $5,140 to $6,030 an $890 increase per student. Additionally, HB 3 focuses on early childhood education by creating a program to fund full-day Pre-K for low-income students and targeting money to schools with higher concentrations of underserved students. Lastly, HB 3 advances student achievement by dedicating more money to dual-language immersion, dyslexia identification and expanded career & technology education programs.

At the press conference, House Speaker Dennis Bonnen thanked House members for supporting HB 3. “I applaud Rep. Bowers for authoring House Bill 3 and for taking us one step closer to passing transformational school finance legislation this session,” said Speaker Bonnen. “By committing to meaningful, lasting investments in Texas classrooms through House Bill 3, Rep. Bowers is at the forefront of preparing our students for the demands of a bustling workforce and keeping the State of Texas a beacon of economic opportunity. I look forward to working with Rep. Bowers to pass this critical legislation into law and thank them for their hard work in bringing this priority bill to fruition.”

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