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Representative Ramos files bill to ensure Texas schoolchildren never go hungry at school 
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by: Rep. Ramos, Ana-Maria

Austin, TX - Representative Ana-Maria Ramos recently filed House Bill 2954, requiring school districts establish a grace period for students whose meal accounts run out of funds.

"I am proud to be carrying on the legislative work started by former Representative Helen Giddings," Ramos said. "No child should have to worry whether they'll be allowed to have a hot meal at school."

During the grace period, the school districts will try to contact the student's parents or guardians for repayment of the negative balance. If repayment is not secured during the grace period, schools can either continue to allow students to purchase meals or provide alternate options for breakfast and lunch. This bill also allows for school districts to use private donations to pay off remaining negative balances at the end of the school year.

Seventy percent of the students in Dallas County are considered economically disadvantaged by the Texas Education Agency, and have the potential to benefit from Representative Ramos' bill. Over 58 percent of the children in Texas are economically disadvantaged.

A similar bill received bipartisan support during the 85th session in 2017, although it came just short of passing.

"I am confident the Legislature will do right by Texas children during the 86th session and vote this bill into law," Ramos said.

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