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State Representative Jon Rosenthal Files Four School Safety Bills 
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by: Rep. Rosenthal, Jon

Provides Comprehensive Vision for 86th Legislature's Education Focus

AUSTIN, TX—Representative Jon Rosenthal filed House Bills 2653, 2654, 2655 and 2656.

"Public schools are the cornerstone to our communities. We know if a child feels safe, they can focus. If a family trusts their schools, they invest in the community. It's our duty to ensure every child has a quality public education and feels secure in their schools. These bills highlight areas that may otherwise be overlooked."

HB 2653 relates to public school policies and procedures for the establishment of threat assessment teams.

HB 2654 relates to building standards for instructional facilities and campus safety procedures for public schools.

HB 2655 relates to an active shooter emergency protocol for public school districts and required active shooter training for school district peace officers and school resource officers.

HB 2656 relates to the authority of a school district to implement a school bus monitoring system that records images of vehicles that pass a stopped school bus; authorizing a civil penalty. Currently, at least 16 states have school bus stop-arm camera laws.
Public Education Advocates are encouraging legislatures to ensure schools remain competitive so that parents choose their local public schools and Governor Greg Abbott commented at the State of the State address. “It is simply not enough just to give our students a better education,” Abbott said. “We must also create a learning environment that is safe. No student should be afraid to go to school. No parent should be fearful when dropping their child off at school. Texas must act now to make our schools safer.”

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