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Representatives Cole and Talarico Joint Author Sex Education Reform Bill 
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by: Rep. Cole, Sheryl

AUSTIN, February 26, 2019 - Texas State Representatives Sheryl Cole (Austin) and James Talarico (Round Rock) have joint authored HB 2161, a bill that would require comprehensive, age appropriate, and medically accurate sexual education in Texas schools.

Cole had the following to say:
"The students of Texas deserve comprehensive sex ed. Unfortunately, Texas consistently has one of the highest teen birth rates and repeat teen birth rates in the nation, a statistic that certainly is not helped by our failure to properly educate our kids. I am proud to stand with Representative Talarico and work toward age appropriate solutions to better prepare our students for a healthy future. We recognize that sexual health is an important part of that."

Talarico had the following to say:
"Texas students should have a wealth of knowledge in all areas. Whether its math, reading, or sexual education we should equip our students with the tools they need to be successful and safe in everything they do. I am excited to work with Representative Cole to provide our students with the foundation they need to have safe and healthy relationships."

This bill originated when high school students from within both Cole's and Talarico's districts brought forward the issues with what they saw were deficiencies in what is currently covered in Texas classrooms.

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