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Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers files a bill making access to information regarding sealing of juvenile records easier 
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by: Rep. Bowers, Rhetta

Austin, TEXAS – On Wednesday, February 20th, State Representative Rhetta Andrews Bowers (HD 113) filed HB 2027, which makes information given to a child and the child’s parent, or custodian regarding the sealing of juvenile records easier to understand and access.

“If a child’s records remain unsealed, it could have an extremely negative impact on their future. A child’s records may prevent them from getting into the college of their dreams, securing scholarships to pay for their education, finding a place to live on campus or getting hired for a job that they need. Therefore, we should be making it easier for a child and their parent or guardian to explore the possibility of sealing the child’s records by providing them with all of the resources that they need.”

The bill states that a list of local resources that may assist the child in applying to have the child’s record sealed, including attorneys who represent persons applying for the sealing of juvenile records, must be given to the child and the child’s parent or custodian when a child is referred to the juvenile probation department, on the final discharge of a child or on the last official action in the matter if there is no adjudication. In addition, an oral explanation of the process of sealing records must be given to the child and the child’s parent or custodian, during which the child and the child’s parent or custodian must be allowed to ask questions regarding the process. Lastly, The Texas Juvenile Department must publish a brochure that describes the process of sealing records and lists resources that may assist a child in applying to seal the child’s records on their website.

“No child should be repeatedly punished for the mistakes that they made at such a young age. The amendments made in this bill make it easier for a child to be given a second chance so that they may be free to pursue their goals and live the life that they envision for themself.”

If passed, this Act would take effect on September 1, 2019.

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