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by: Rep. Shaheen, Matt

Legislation removes tolls when toll roads are paid off

AUSTIN— Plano Representative Matt Shaheen announced today that he has filed House Bill 436 that will end tolls on toll roads once they are paid off. "The government’s job is to provide roads that are funded through existing tax structures, and historically the legislature has underfunded transportation causing the need for toll roads. With recent increases in transportation funding, Texas needs a strategy to rid our roadways of toll roads.” Shaheen said.

Shaheen continues to work in a bipartisan fashion to get sufficient funding levels for Texas’
transportation needs. “Collin County citizens are paying a disproportionate amount of their earnings on toll roads, and that needs to be addressed.“ says Shaheen.

Representative Shaheen is a resident of Plano and serves the citizens
of Texas House District 66 which encompasses west Plano and far north Dallas.

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