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by: Rep. Shaheen, Matt

Bill increases funding for teacher pay raises based on merit

AUSTIN— Plano Representative Matt Shaheen announced today that he has filed House Bill 1947 that will provide teachers much needed pay raises by offering school districts financial incentives to implement merit based pay at their schools. Shaheen, whose mother was a teacher and whose wife currently teaches, said, "After parents, teachers are the biggest determinants of a child’s success. The impact of an invested and loving teacher cannot be overstated, and if we hope to attract quality teachers to invest in our children’s lives, we have to pay them competitively.”

The proposed budget in the Texas House increases state funds for education by 17%, making total funding for education $71 billion. “We want to reward and incentivize our best teachers,” said Shaheen. “Especially those that work in some of our most challenging programs and schools. Good teachers are crucial to our children’s success and our state’s future.”

Representative Shaheen is a resident of Plano and serves the citizens
of Texas House District 66 which encompasses west Plano and far north Dallas.

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