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by: Rep. Shaheen, Matt

Legislation protects women by preventing sex offenders from soliciting them while in prison and requires law enforcement to prioritize the arrest of sexual predators who violate probation

AUSTIN— Plano Representative Matt Shaheen announced today that he has filed two House Bills that will make Texas women safer. Bill 428 makes it illegal for convicted sex offenders to solicit female pen pals while in prison, and Bill 785 requires local police to prioritize the arrest of convicted sexual predators who violate the terms of their probation. "The issues addressed in these bills came straight from my constituents,” Shaheen said. “These brave women were victims, and I am proud to be working with them to prevent other women from suffering the way they have.”

Making improvements to the criminal justice system has always been a priority for Representative Shaheen during his time in the Texas House. “Sex offenders in prison should not have the ability to seek out new victims through pen pal programs; WriteAPrisoner, just one of many websites that pairs people with prison inmates as pen pals, receives 4,000 to 6,000 visits to their site daily. There should also be fast and effective processes in place for sex offenders who violate their probation - arresting them should be a top priority for local law enforcement. We have to do everything we can to fight all the ways women are being victimized by these dangerous individuals.”

Representative Shaheen is a resident of Plano and serves the citizens
of Texas House District 66 which encompasses west Plano and far north Dallas.

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