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San Antonio Representative Files Bill Opposing Trump's Border Wall  print page

by: Rep. Gutierrez, Roland

(Austin) Today I filed Texas House Bill 990 which calls for the Texas Water Development Board and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to submit a report to the Governor, as well as the Legislature, regarding the effects of the construction of a border wall. The Rio Grande Floodplain is home to several towns that have seen devastating damage from record breaking floods recently, something that a border wall would only make worse. The findings from the report shall be submitted no later than March 1st, 2020, and determine if the State of Texas will file suit against the federal government.

On Monday, January 21st U.S. Congressman Will Hurd went on the record to say, "Building a wall from sea to sea makes no sense." As documented in the Texas Monthly article, Back to the Wall, published by Melissa Del Bosque in the December issue, a border wall will mean disaster for Texas towns where a fence becomes packed with debris, creating a dam effect, thus flooding surrounding areas. These effects put Texan's lives at risk every time storms hit Texas.

Moreover, this is also becomes a property rights issue. People do not want their property divided or taken from them. It is their heritage and their livelihood. The bottom line is a wall on Texas' southern border put our citizen's lives at risk and our heritage at stake.

"Taking thousands of acres from Texas farmers and ranchers while cutting off communities from their own water supply just doesn't make sense. We have a chance to be the first state Legislature to stand up to the federal government's unprecedented land grab and we should take it," stated Representative Roland Gutierrez.

Rep. Gutierrez serves Texas House District 119 encompassing parts of San Antonio and adjacent sections of Bexar County.

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