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by: Rep. González, Mary

AUSTIN - Earlier today, Representative Mary González, Clint, pre-filed 22 bills for the 86th Legislative Session, which will convene in January 2019. Her legislation addresses critical state issues including public school finance, maternal mortality, protecting the agricultural industry, and more.

“Communities across the state lack access to clean drinking water and wastewater infrastructure, pregnant women of color are at greater risk of maternal mortality, and countless workers are falling victim to wage theft at worrisome rates,” says Rep. González. “All Texans deserve laws that uphold their rights and expand their access to opportunities so they can live free, prosperous, healthy lives.”

Rep. González intends to fight for stronger public schools with several bills, including legislation limiting the maximum number of students in a pre-kindergarten class, training educators in responding to sexual abuse of students with severe cognitive disabilities, and improving student assessments.

Among the 22 pieces of legislation filed by Rep. González, House Bill 25 seeks to decrease maternal mortality by providing statewide transportation so mothers can bring their children to their prenatal and postpartum appointments. Besides legislation improving public health, Rep. González filed several bills related to the agricultural industry, such as HB 70, which relates to developing a strategic plan regarding crop disease prevention. Other agriculture bills include legislation to eliminate pecan thievery, and a bill to safeguard our state’s endangered pollinator species.

“These bills will transform the lives of millions of Texans,” says Rep. Mary González. “I look forward to focusing on the problems that affect everyday Texans, like access to quality public education, infrastructure development, and wage theft.”

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