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Zerwas Files Bills to Renew Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas  print page

by: Rep. Zerwas, John

AUSTIN – House Appropriations Committee Chairman John Zerwas has filed House Bill 39 and House Joint Resolution 12 (HJR 12), which will continue the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).

HB 39 will provide CPRIT with the ability to continue beyond the original timeframe set by the original enacting legislation, and HJR 12 proposes a constitutional amendment authorizing the legislature to increase the maximum bond amount authorized for CPRIT.

CPRIT was originally established in 2007 to attract, create and expand research capabilities in higher education and private entities; create high-quality new jobs; and expedite innovation in research and enhance the potential of breakthroughs in prevention and cures.

"These bills will continue the wonderful successes and promises of CPRIT," Chairman Zerwas said. "CPRIT not only provides for real preventative services in Texas communities, it also supports research that will improve cancer outcomes in our state and throughout the world."

"The achievements of CPRIT are incredible and Texas should recognize this by continuing its investment" said Chairman Zerwas. "In 2018, the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was jointly awarded to James P. Allison, PhD for his breakthrough work of cancer immunotherapy. Because of a grant made possible through CPRIT in 2011, Dr. Allison was recruited back to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to continue his research and studies."

"If not for CPRIT, there are countless developments that may not have happened," said Chairman Zerwas. "Cancer is a disease that negatively impacts so many in our state. Texans must take the opportunity to ensure that advances in this groundbreaking research continue."

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