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by: Rep. Thompson, Ed

AUSTIN – Representative Ed Thompson today mailed a letter to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on behalf of himself and 27 other members of the Texas Legislature requesting that additional funding be designated for the Houston and Dallas regions in TCEQ's Draft Beneficiary Mitigation Plan for Texas from the $209 million federal Volkswagen settlement.

“I am very troubled by the draft plan that TCEQ has put out. Houston and Dallas are both nonattainment areas with the state's largest populations, and this funding should reflect that," Rep. Thompson stated. "Houston and Dallas also had the greatest number of the Volkswagen illegal defeat devices in the state, yet they are each set to receive less than half the funding of San Antonio."

The letter includes signatures from Dallas area members Representative Roberto Alonzo, Representative Rafael Anchia, Representative Cindy Burkett, Representative Angie Chen Button, Representative Nicole Collier, Representative Craig Goldman, Representative Linda Koop, Representative Jeff Leach, Representative Matt Rinaldi, Representative Toni Rose, Representative Ron Simmons, and Representative John Wray, as well as Houston area members Senator Sylvia Garcia, Senator Borris Miles, Senator Larry Taylor, Representative Alma Allen, Representative Dennis Bonnen, Representative Greg Bonnen, Representative Garnet Coleman, Representative Jessica Farrar, Representative Jarvis Johnson, Representative Dennis Paul, Representative Mary Ann Perez, Representative Ron Reynolds, Representative Senfronia Thompson, Representative Armando Walle, and Representative Gene Wu.

“As Vice Chair of the Environmental Regulation Committee and a member of the Greater Houston delegation, I felt it was imperative to step up and lead this charge," Rep. Thompson continued. "It is my sincere hope that TCEQ takes the concerns we raised in this letter to heart and makes productive changes to the plan."

The stated goals of the TCEQ for the draft plan are to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions in the areas most impacted by emissions and reduce the potential for exposure of the public to pollutants. As the Houston and Dallas priority areas were designated nonattainment for both the 2008 and 2015 ozone standards, a higher allocation of funding to these regions is critical to meeting the goals of TCEQ.

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