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State Representative Nicole Collier Receives Appointment by Texas Speaker Joe Straus 
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by: Rep. Collier, Nicole

In a move to strengthen current sexual harassment policies in the Texas Legislature, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Joe Straus, appointed state Representative Nicole Collier to a new sexual harassment workgroup. The newly formed workgroup will recommend additional ways to make the House chamber a safer environment.

Representative Collier is one of eight members appointed to the workgroup. They will be tasked with reviewing the House's existing sexual harassment policies, investigating other states' best practices and policies, and initiating recommendations that encourage workplace professionalism in the state's legislature.

"I'm honored to be a part of a group that is tasked with an important role in re-shaping the current dynamic, to ensure respect for all who work under the dome. We will not tolerate or standby and accept poor behavior of a few, to serve as the example for the many.

After completing my work on the Texas Democratic Caucus Committee on Sexual Harassment Policy, this appointment could not have come at a more appropriate time," said Representative Collier.

In addition to her new appointment to the sexual harassment workgroup, Representative Collier is a member of the House's Public Health, Local & Consent Calendars, and Business and Industry committees.

The renewed focus on the House's sexual harassment policy comes on the heels of the national #MeToo movement, and unreported incidences of sexual harassment and sexism in the Texas Legislature.

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