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by: Rep. Landgraf, Brooks

Late Sunday night, after two years of work, State Rep. Brooks Landgraf (Odessa) secured a win for Texas energy with the passage of the Texas Fuels bill just before the deadline to pass legislation expired. For the first time, Texas will commit to providing state grants for governmental entities to purchase vehicles that utilize the abundant natural gas widely found in Texas.

“Our state is the largest energy producer in our nation and utilizing Texas based fuels will support Permian Basin oil and gas producers by providing another market for their products and will help create jobs and grow our economy," Landgraf said after the bill’s passage.

Along with other provisions, the legislation would authorize the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to assist in the conversion of government vehicle fleets to run on natural gas and other Texas based fuels that are produced in the Permian Basin and across the state. Perhaps most importantly, the Texas Fuels bill will not raise taxes or fees for Texas taxpayers. Instead, the funding will be granted by an existing, underutilized state fund that was established to reduce vehicle emissions in Texas. Now that it has passed both the Texas House and Senate, the bill is heading to the Governor's' desk.

"I am proud to be a leader for Texas energy and to represent the pro-production views of the Permian Basin. Our state should be a good steward of our natural resources and ensure that we are doing everything we can to utilize Texas energy resources,” Landgraf added.

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