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by: Rep. Landgraf, Brooks

On Thursday, State Representative Brooks Landgraf (Odessa) voted for House Bill 21 to reduce the amount of money that Permian Basin taxpayers and school districts lose under the “Robin Hood” school finance system.

The so-called Robin Hood system has placed a disproportionately large burden on taxpayers in the oil patch to fund public schools in other parts of Texas. Because of the abundance of oil and gas resources in energy-producing regions, school districts in those areas are considered under state law to be “rich,” and are forced to redistribute part of their property-tax revenue to other school districts in the state, even though such school districts are not necessarily wealthy.

"Robin Hood hurts West Texas students," Landgraf said. “I've been fighting against the Robin Hood system for as long as I've served in office, and this bill is a product of that fight. It would allow our own tax dollars to be kept locally to help educate our own students."

While H.B. 21 was on the floor, Landgraf co-authored an amendment to the bill that would have effectively repealed Robin Hood, but the amendment was defeated in a vote with legislators from urban parts of the state opposing it.

Additionally, H.B. 21 increases funding for each student in the state to prepare students for the next generation of high-paying jobs that will allow Texas to remain prosperous.

"My fight for West Texas students will continue, but I'm pleased with the victory we won for them today,” Landgraf added.

The bill passed in the Texas House of Representatives by a vote of 132-15, and will now move to the Texas Senate for consideration.

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