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Rep. Helen Giddings (Dallas) releases statement on the tragedy in Santa Fe:  print page

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Dallas- "Today at least ten lives, mostly students, were lost and an entire community is changed forever by the horrific shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas. Once again, another callous act of gun violence has taken young lives far too soon.

This time of year, many students and their families should be celebrating as they prepare for graduation or summer vacations, not stricken with grief of losing a loved one. We pause with saddened hearts to honor those who were affected.

Until crimes like these are impossible to imagine, we must work exhaustively to bring about change. Time and time again, we have collectively experienced the heart break and grief of mass shootings. Opinions vary as to causes and contributing factors. Regardless of the causes, we must not normalize this behavior but rather work together as a united community to do more to prevent these devastating tragedies.

The students of Santa Fe join a long list, including the most recent Parkland, Florida and the twenty other mass school shootings of this year. All students across the country deserve our vigilance and protection. Let us honor these Texans' memories with a recommitment to stop these atrocious acts of violence once and for all. This must end. Our prayers are with all of these families. God help us.”

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