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by: Rep. Simmons, Ron

United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Allows SB 4 to be Implemented

CARROLLTON – Representative Ron Simmons (Carrollton) today commended a three-judge panel of the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in allowing Senate Bill 4, passed into law during 85th Legislative Session in 2017, to finally be implemented.

Senate Bill 4 bans cities from adopting sanctuary city policies or interfering with the duties of federal immigration officials. Penalties can include fines and jail time for obstructing federal immigration enforcement. During the 85th Legislative Session, Simmons filed legislation to ban sanctuary cites in Texas and was one of four Joint Authors on the House version of the bill that was passed into law.

"This is a win for the rule of law here in Texas,” Simmons said. “I applaud the conscientious reasoning that the judges used to validate the Constitutionality of the law we passed last year.”

The provision of Senate Bill 4 not upheld would have punished local officials for endorsing policies limiting federal immigration enforcement. With the exception of the aforementioned provision, the ruling Tuesday allows Senate Bill 4 to go in effect while a lower federal court in San Antonio decides the case.

“I sincerely hope that Texas can now focus our efforts on cracking down on violent crime committed by illegal aliens, and not be engaged in further litigious action,” Simmons said.

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