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Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse and Committee on Public Health Update  print page

by: Rep. Price, Four

~ Chair Price to hold several detailed hearings beginning this spring ~

The House Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse, a newly created select committee composed of 13 state representatives, and the House Committee on Public Health, a standing committee consisting of 11 state representatives, have much significant work to do during 2018. These committees led by Chairman Price will thoroughly analyze several of Texas’ most pressing health concerns impacting almost every health care population.

Some of the issues that will be examined are:
• Best practices in combating Texas’ opioid epidemic, including co-occurring behavioral health issues;
• Evaluating the treatment of Alzheimer's and dementia; and advancing the pursuit of potential cures;
• Identifying strategies to assist in understanding the impact and recognizing the signs of trauma in children, including trauma- and grief-informed best practices;
• How to continue to improve health care delivery in medically underserved areas, including rural areas of Texas;
• Improving maternal health outcomes;
• Monitoring state agency implementation of the health legislation passed by the 85th Legislature, including numerous mental health laws such as House Bill 10 and House Bill 13 (85R).

Chairman Price plans to hold several robust hearings at the Texas Capitol. In the latter part of 2018, the committees must report their legislative findings and recommendations to the 86th Texas Legislature, which will convene in January 2019.

“Currently, my staff and I are researching the numerous assigned health care subject matters, and we have started the planning process of what to hear and when. Such preliminary work proved successful during our work on the House Select Committee on Mental Health in 2016.”

Chairman Price elaborated, “I am honored to lead these significant committees. I am delighted that the committees are comprised of colleagues from rural, suburban and urban areas. This is important because, while challenges may be regionally unique in certain instances, every part of Texas matters. I have spoken with the members of the committees and they are committed to finding potential legislative solutions where possible. We are hopeful that statewide initiatives can be implemented throughout Texas as our collaboration last session on mental health proved.”

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