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Rep. Uresti Supports Call for Campus Sexual Assault Legislation  print page

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Austin, TX—Representative Uresti is calling for the legislature to do more to combat campus sexual assault, supporting Senator Joan Huffman's request that that the topic be added to the special session agenda.

During the regular session, Rep. Uresti authored House Bill 2918, which would have required public universities to publish non-identifiable information about the processing of sexual assault disciplinary cases – a measure that would prevent universities from sweeping incidences under the rug.

"Recent surveys have shown that a significant number of students across Texas campuses have reported incidences of sexual assault or harassment. We took some good steps during the Regular Session to address the reporting of incidences to Universities – but we need to ensure that complaints are still being processed by the university." said Uresti, "We're heading into a special session, it is our duty to address this crisis."

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