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House Bill 1171 the "Sexual Assault Evidence Bill" Passes Favorably Out of Criminal Jurisprudence House Committee  print page

by: Rep. Minjarez, Ina

Austin, Texas - Yesterday, House Bill 1171 was reported favorably out of the Criminal Jurisprudence House Committee. This bill will expedite rape kit processing to ensure that these critical pieces of evidence are tested and moved through the process in a timely fashion.

Currently, rape kits can be delayed throughout the testing stage. HB 1171 would require that rape kits are tested within 60 days as long as adequate resources are available. Furthermore, this bill expedites rape kits through the process, setting 2 week deadlines until it reaches the Medical Examiner. Moreover, HB 1171 would ensure that rape kits are stored safely with testing laboratories for at least 1 year, preserving vital evidence for future use.

"I am grateful that HB 1171 passed favorably out of committee. This bill is a crucial step forward for victims of sexual violence. We must continue this important work so that victims have confidence in the system and know that when these assaults are reported, the evidence is preserved and is moved quickly through the process," stated State Representative Ina Minjarez (San Antonio).

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