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State Representative Tomas Uresti To Present Matthew Rocha With A Resolution Recognizing His Accomplishment As A Graduating Senior  print page

by: Rep.

San Antonio, Texas – On June 7, 2017, Representative Tomas Uresti was made aware that Matthew Rocha, a graduating senior, was not allowed to walk the stage with his fellow graduating classmates from McCollum High School. In an effort to correct the situation, Mr. Rocha was given the opportunity to walk the stage with graduates from Harlandale High School.

Representative Uresti believes every graduating senior should be allowed to have the full experience of walking the stage with your fellow classmates since every student has worked hard over their 12 year career to reach that point. Although the issue is not able to be reversed, Representative Uresti would like to allow a different opportunity, one that few high school students are able to experience.

In an effort to recognize Matthew Rocha’s accomplishment, Representative Tomas Uresti will be presenting Mr. Rocha with a Resolution from the State of Texas. Representative Uresti hopes to be able to have Mr. Rocha join him in Austin and cross the dais at the Texas State Capitol in his cap and gown with his diploma and resolution in hand.

“With this situation, there are far too many opinions on who is responsible for the mistake. The reality is that the miscommunication has already happened. What I would like to do is to truly allow Mr. Rocha to has an positive experience that he will treasure forever. I hope Mr. Rocha will join me in Austin.”

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