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State Representative Tomas Uresti Will Host His First Annual Fan Drive In Preparation of The Summer Season  print page

by: Rep.

San Antonio, Texas – On June 7, 2017, Representative Tomas Uresti will be hosting his first annual fan drive in preparation of the summer season. The goal of Representative Uresti is to ensure that there are fans available to all of those who may not have the means to purchase them. With summer days that have historically reached well over 100 degrees in San Antonio, it is important for all families to be prepared.

The fan drive will take place Friday June 16, 2017, beginning at 9:00 am and ending at 2:00 pm at 1114 SW Military Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78221.

Fans of all sizes will be accepted. There will be random drawings for tickets to the San Antonio Missions baseball games throughout the day for those who drop off fans.

“It is important for our communities to come together and help each other prepare for the summer months. During these hot summer months students are home from school with their families. As a community, we should ensure that the time that students are spending with their loved ones is time creating memories and not worrying about the temperature inside of their home.”

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