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by: Rep. Muņoz, Jr., Sergio

AUSTIN, TEXAS— Today I strongly voted not to concur on the conference committee report for Senate Bill 1, the state’s budget bill. The Conference Committee Report we voted on today was very different than the budget the House passed in April. The Conference Committee Report spent almost $1.4 billion less than what we originally appropriated.

"Only 14 Representatives voted against S.B. 1, and I am proud to have been one of them. There are major cuts happening, and Texas’ most vulnerable deserve much more", said Muñoz. Further funding losses and reductions are outlined below:

• Health & Human Services loses $2.4 billion
• Public schools will lose over $1 billion
• Civic Legal Services loses $5.7 million
• No significant changes to address the rising health care expenditures shouldered by our retired
were taken
• The failure of HB 21, an effort to change our school finance system, further reduces public education funding
of $1.6 billion
• Acute therapy services only received a 25% restoration in the cuts made during the 84th Legislative Session

"Although the budget allocates funds towards mental and behavioral health, Child Protective Services, water development and conservation, and historical preservation, I cannot in good conscience support the cuts in funding to other necessary state programs; especially, when we are leaving well over $11 billion dollars in the “Rainy Day” Fund," said Muñoz. “We can no longer afford to keep kicking the can down the road and worrying about the next election cycle or next legislative session. The people of Texas expect us to fix the most pressing issues our families face on a daily basis. When are we going to put people before politics? Barely providing funds to the most vulnerable and then allocating several million dollars towards pet projects, is a disgrace to families dependent on acute therapy care for their child. It is NOT acceptable to tell our children that this is the best that we can do," commented Muñoz.

For more detailed information on the state budget and conference committee please follow the link: 19.pdf

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