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Rep. Helen Giddings' Lunch Shaming Amendment Passes Texas Legislature  print page

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With Senate Concurrence on SB 1566, Bill Heads to Governor's Desk

Austin- On May 27th, the Texas Senate concurred with Rep. Helen Giddings' amendment on SB 1566, which empowers school district boards of trustees to offer a grace period for lunch accounts with a negative balance.

Under current law, schools have engaged in the practice known as 'lunch shaming', where children with insufficient funds in their lunch accounts see their hot meal taken from them and thrown in the trash. Often, there is no grace period or leniency given to the child who is embarrassed, labeled and left hungry.

Representative Giddings explained, "This amendment is instrumental in the effort to end so-called 'lunch shaming' in our state. School boards across the state will have the authority to seek public input, undergo a transparent process, and end this horrific practice once and for all."

"I have faith that our trustees will represent the thousands of people who have expressed their astonishment and horror when they heard of this unjust practice," Rep. Giddings continued. "One out of every four children in Texas is food insecure. We have an opportunity to help these children and ensure their focus is on their education, rather than their next meal."

"We attempted to change this policy four times before passing this bill. We simply could not give up. These kids deserve better."

All Texans have the opportunity to help subsidize lunch accounts with insufficient funds at

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