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HB 2616, ending the suspension of young children, passes Public Education Committee  print page

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Austin- On Tuesday, April 25th, the House Public Education Committee approved HB 2616, ending the suspension of young children.

"We are delighted that this important bill will continue to move through the process. It is past time that we confront the lasting impact of frivolous suspensions on young minds", Rep. Giddings said.

HB 2616 ends the suspension of children in the 2nd grade and below. It has been supported by parents, teachers, and school board members who understand that early-childhood suspension, in many cases, is an unnecessary and ineffective approach to school discipline.

"Suspending any child under the third grade for simply acting like a child does not address the problem; it postpones it", Rep. Giddings explained.

Experts have long called for a more thoughtful approach to school discipline. Approaches like social and emotional learning, positive behavioral intervention, and restorative justice have been adopted in campuses across the nation as an alternative to out-of-school suspension.

Representative Giddings continued, "HB 2616 provides a better course for school discipline. It provides research-based alternatives that model appropriate behavior and offer interventions that get at the root of a child's behavior. I thank the Committee for their support and look forward to these reforms being felt in campuses across the State of Texas."

Representative Helen Giddings proudly serves the cities of House District 109: Dallas, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, Glenn Heights, Hutchins, Lancaster, Wilmer, as well as part of Duncanville.

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