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House Bill 1081 to increase access to New Instructional Facilities Allotment passes out of the Public Education Committee  print page

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Austin, Texas - On Tuesday, April 11, 2017, Representative Arévalo's House Bill 1081 (HB 1081) passed out of the House Committee on Public Education on a vote of 10-0.

"I am grateful to the Public Education Committee Members for their support on this legislation. We met with several stakeholders, including San Antonio Independent School District, to create this legislation. After laying out the bill in the House Committee on Public Education, it was passed out of the committee on a 10-0 vote. This is a result of addressing the concerns of our school districts. Once passed in to law, HB 1081will help educate students across Texas."

HB 1081 expands the eligibility for the New Instructional Facilities Allotment (NIFA). Under current law, only newly built schools can access the NIFA funding and within the past two fiscal years, few new buildings were constructed. The bill does not appropriate any funding since it increases access to the existing funds and the bill does not have a fiscal note. This bill ensures more funds reach more students in Texas without raising additional revenue.

Contact: Marc Hoskins

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