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Straus Applauds Committee Vote on School Finance Reform  print page

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The Texas House Public Education Committee voted Tuesday to advance House Bill 21, a major school finance proposal. The bill puts more dollars into the classroom, reduces Robin Hood by almost $400 million over two years and makes needed structural changes to the state’s school finance system.

House Speaker Joe Straus has said that improving school finance is a top priority this year. Speaker Straus released the following statement following Tuesday’s committee vote:

"I want to thank Chairman Huberty and the Public Education Committee for their good and swift work on House Bill 21. This bill will improve our schools. It puts more resources into the classroom, reduces Robin Hood and begins fixing our school finance system. It also begins to reduce the pressure on local property taxes, which have been funding a greater and greater share of education. The House will continue to prioritize this bill and others that improve education for more than 5 million Texas students."

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