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VIA, State Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins Announce Support for Increased Passenger Protection Legislation  print page

by: Rep. Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara

WHAT: VIA Metropolitan Transit will co-host a media event with Representative Barbara Gervin-Hawkins of Texas House District 120 to announce the agency’s support of House Bill 2032. House Bill 2032 was filed earlier this month in Austin and has been referred to the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee as part of the 85th Legislative Session. Public safety partners from across the region have been invited to attend Monday’s announcement as a show of support for this proposed legislation.

WHO: Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, Representative, Texas House District 120
Jeffrey C. Arndt, President/CEO, VIA Metropolitan Transit
Tremell Brown, Vice President of Safety and System Security, VIA Metropolitan Transit
Mark Witherell, Chief of Police, VIA Metropolitan Transit

WHEN: 9:30 a.m., Monday, March 27, 2017

WHERE: VIA Metro Center, Board Room, 1021 San Pedro Ave.

MORE: HB 2032 would increase penalties for those who commit violent crimes on Texas public transit systems, providing an important tool to help deter criminal activity and enhance the safety of the traveling public. The passage of HB 2032 will bring passengers parity with laws in more than 30 states, under which crimes committed against transit operators already carry enhanced penalties. VIA is thankful for the Representative’s leadership on HB 2032, and sees this legislation as an important part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to help ensure the safety of the community and the traveling public.

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