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Deshotel Urges Congress to Fund Coastal Spine  print page

by: Rep. Deshotel, Joe

Today, March 22nd, 2017, Representative Deshotel will introduce HCR 106, which declares that the State of Texas supports the development and construction of a coastal barrier to protect the Gulf Coast region from storm surges and flood damages. The resolution calls for the United States Congress to provide sufficient federal funding for the construction of the project, as well as expedite the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers design and construction process.

The upper Texas coast, from Orange to Brazoria County , has over 400 miles of coastline that has attracted both people and industry to the region to take advantage of the economic opportunities and quality of life amenities. This region is vitally important to the security of the national economy and the nation's energy sector. History, both recent and past, has proven that Texan remains vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Despite the historical vulnerability to large storms, a substantial population and the concentration of economic drivers, the region currently lacks the infrastructure to reduce the exposure of the Texas coast storm surge and flood damages.

In order to address the susceptibility of the region to storm surge and flood damages, Texas has been proactive in laying the groundwork for an action plan. Researchers at the Center for Texas Beaches and Shores at Texas A&M University - Galveston, have designed the Coastal Spine and plans for implementing the structure.

"I believe that by building up and protecting our infrastructure, we can help build a more productive and safer Texas for everyone." Joe Deshotel

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