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Roberts Files Texas Legislative Review Act  print page

by: Rep.

AUSTIN – This week, State Representative Kevin Roberts filed House Bill 2926 and House Joint Resolution 94, which work together to create the Texas Legislative Review Act. Representative Roberts had previously filed House Bill 1290, which would require that state agencies would have to take one regulation off the books for every regulation that they add.

“Since I filed House Bill 1290, my office has received a constant stream of feedback from business owners across the state about the challenges they have had in dealing with state agency rules," said Representative Kevin Roberts. “It has been made clear to me that in addition to having a predictable regulatory environment, the Legislature needs to take a more active role in ensuring accountability within the agency regulation process."

Currently, there is no provision in the Texas State Constitution to give the Legislature the ability to review specific regulatory actions taken by state agencies. House Joint Resolution 94 and House Bill 2926, if approved by the Legislature and then the voters of Texas, would require the approval of the House and Senate's standing committees with jurisdiction before a rule could go into effect. If a rule fails to receive the approval of said committee, it would trigger an appeals process to the whole chamber in which the rule failed. The Texas Legislative Review Act is modeled after the federal Congressional Review Act.

“This legislation is about good governance. It does the state no good if state agencies do not follow the intent of the Legislature when writing and enforcing regulations. By passing the Texas Legislative Review Act, the Legislature will be able to provide a much needed check and balance on state agencies," said Representative Kevin Roberts.

Joining Representative Roberts in pushing for this reform is Chairman Gary Elkins of the House Committee on Government Transparency & Operation, Chairman Giovanni Capriglione of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Budget Transparency & Reform, and Chairman Tan Parker of the House Republican Caucus. All are joint-authors of the Texas Legislative Review Act.

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