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Speaker of the House Appoints Representative Shawn Thierry to Two Key Committees  print page

by: Rep. Thierry, Shawn

Austin, Texas: On Thursday morning, members of the Texas House of Representatives received their committee assignments from Speaker Joe Straus. Representative Shawn Thierry (Houston) was appointed to serve on the House committees on County Affairs and Juvenile Justice & Family Issues.

"I am grateful to the Speaker for assigning me to the County Affairs committee, as I will be responsible for overseeing legislation that impacts our hospitals, county jails, roads, public safety and other important local governance matters. As a member of this committee, I will support legislation that provides Texans the best services for their tax dollars. I look forward to leading the debate on behalf of my constituents, and all Texans, to make sure that government operates transparently, efficiently, and effectively. This committee has oversight over all 254 counties in Texas and affects millions of people."

"I believe my 20 years of experience as an attorney and my background in family law will be an asset to the House committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues. Here, I will be a voice for children and families facing a number of challenging issues such as foster care, divorce, custody, child support matters as well as truancy, and juvenile punishment and sentencing. I will utilize my appointment on this committee to move legislation that is intended to strengthen and empower families that are caught in the vicious cycle of our legal system."

"It is a proud day for me to be able to serve on the same committees with two renowned legislators from Harris County, Chairman Garnet Coleman and Chairman Harold Dutton. I am excited for these appointments and will continue to be a voice for the voiceless in the Legislature," said Representative Thierry.

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