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Rep. Lang Calls for a Study and Analysis into Judicial Backlog  print page

by: Rep. Lang, Mike

Austin, TX – Today, Texas State Representative Mike Lang filed HB 1652 relating to a study conducted by the Office of Court Administration of the Texas Judicial System on pending court matters.

Representative Lang firmly feels that legislation needs to be passed in order to closely analyze the backlog problem in Texas courts. This legislation aligns closely with the Constitution of the United States, Sixth Amendment, which promises a "fair and speedy trial" in criminal prosecution cases.

Lang stated, "Our judicial officials are doing phenomenal work in the face of these unavoidable delays. That being said, we the legislature, should constantly be to looking to ensure that we are giving our judges and justices all possible resources needed to continue to serve the citizens of Texas in the best possible way." Lang continued, "I believe the first step should be the study proposed in HB 1652 which looks at the specific cause of delay as well as feasible ideas for a long-term solution."

Backlog impacts the courts with detrimental and widespread strain. In addition, this causes our jails to unnecessarily house prisoners awaiting trial placing strain on the criminal justice system at large. This bill would authorize a study by the Office of Court Administration to specifically see where these delays are originating. HB 1652 asks the administration to look into what types of case matter possesses the most delays, and also requests an analysis of whether or not senior judges can help to alleviate this dilemma. Finally, this bill would request recommendations from the OCA for their own suggested solutions to resolve judicial backlog.

The Justice of the Peace and Constables Association also supports the bill, stating, "The issue of backlog is a major problem in the court system today. We are very excited to see Representative Lang taking the appropriate steps towards solving these delays. We are especially pleased that Rep. Lang comes from a background of constable and law enforcement experience and has a deep understanding of the judiciary."

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