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Representative Thierry Files "Voter Alert" Highway Messaging Bill  print page

by: Rep. Thierry, Shawn

Bill will provide voter registration and election information via highway electronic messaging system.

Austin, Texas: Today, Representative Shawn Thierry (Houston) proposed new legislation, House Bill 1511, the "Voter Alert Act," which provides for the use of Texas electronic highway signs to display pending voter registration deadlines and election dates.

"Now more than ever, we know that elections matter. We must be extremely mindful of our duty and fundamental right to vote. My bill authorizes the use of our existing electronic highway alert system to also include 'Voter Alerts.' The alerts will inform our citizens of voter registration deadlines and display notice of an upcoming Election Day," remarked Rep. Thierry.

House Bill 1511 authorizes the use of existing electronic signs along Texas highways to display alerts two days before voter registration deadlines and two days prior to an upcoming statewide election. All messages will be displayed in English and Spanish.

Representative Thierry stated, "I believe it is the duty of our democracy to encourage and support full voter participation, so it makes good sense that we utilize our current resources to communicate this important information."

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