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Governor deems Sanctuary Cities, including Representative Simmons’ HB 149 in Emergency Items

AUSTIN – After Tuesday’s State of the State Address given by Governor Greg Abbott to the full body of the Texas Legislature, Representative Ron Simmons commended the Governor for including the banning of so called "sanctuary cities" as one of his emergency items immediately eligible for action by the Texas Legislature. Representative Simmons’ HB 149 was listed as one of the Governor’s emergency items for the Legislature to address immediately.

Across the nation, certain governmental jurisdictions maintain policies that limit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration agents. Over the past few legislative sessions, Texas policy makers have put forth attempts to ban the practice of cities not cooperating with federal immigration agents with requests to hold illegal immigrants suspected of a crime in detention. Such cities that do not cooperate with immigration authorities have colloquially been deemed as "sanctuary cities".

"I am pleased to hear the Governor and I both realize the banning of sanctuary cities must be a top priority in the 85th Legislature,” Simmons said, “I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Legislature and with Governor Abbott to ensure state and federal immigration laws are followed by law enforcement agencies in our cities.”

After hearing from an overwhelming number of his constituents who supported this initiative, Representative Simmons was among the first members of the House in the 85th Legislative Session to file a bill banning sanctuary cities.

The Texas State Legislature cannot consider any bills for the first 60 days of the session under the Texas Constitution, unless the Governor declares the legislation an emergency item. With this designation, the Legislature can now immediately consider HB 149 and other pieces of legislation aimed at banning sanctuary cities

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