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Representative Swanson Files HB 1232: The Higher Education Stability Act  print page

by: Rep. Swanson, Valoree

Returning financial stability to our higher education institutions

AUSTIN - Representative Valoree Swanson (Spring) has filed House Bill 1232, The Higher Education Stability Act, to return financial stability to our institutions of higher education.

This legislation will ensure that when a student enrolls in a Texas public institution of higher education, the price of their tuition in their first year of study will not drastically increase through the rest of their chosen degree program.

The goal of this legislation is to restore stability to college tuition and fees in Texas. Tuition has been increasing faster than general inflation in recent years. By placing a freeze on tuition costs, students are ensured that the cost of their degree program does not go up drastically beyond what they originally agreed upon. Moreover, this will ensure that institutions of higher education stay within a known budget for the duration of that student's enrollment.

"Texas students shouldn’t have to worry about their tuition going up faster than income or other costs," said Representative Swanson. "When Texas students enroll in a public institution of higher education, we want to make sure that they know their total degree costs and don't have to fear unwarranted increases."

HB 1232 will ensure that financial stability for both our students and our public institutions is at the forefront of our priority list. The state of Texas has a duty to safeguard and effectively use taxpayer dollars. The education of our citizens is of critical importance to our state, but that does not mean that we can use taxpayer dollars unwisely. HB 1232 will ensure that taxpayer dollars are efficiently used, while encouraging the dreams of our citizens to work towards higher education.

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