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Representative Swanson Files HB 1195: The Texas Civics Restoration Act  print page

by: Rep. Swanson, Valoree

Restoring a sound understanding of American civics in our school system

On January 20th, I, Representative Valoree Swanson filed House Bill 1195, The Texas Civics Restoration Act, to restore a proper understanding of civics in America within Texas students.

This legislation requires all high school students in the state of Texas to pass a test similar to the one that individuals seeking citizenship under the naturalization process are required to pass. The legislation leaves the administration of the test to the school districts, with a few requirements as to the format which the test is presented in.

Students may take the test multiple times if needed. The goal is to have them learn basic civic principles all naturalized citizens must learn.

The Texas Civics Restoration Act will ensure that all students who graduate from a Texas high school pass the same test that individuals seeking to become citizens must take. This will ensure that our graduating students in Texas understand the system that they live under and will be working within. At the same time, this test will inspire graduates entering the workforce and American society to cherish and respect the uniqueness and success of our nation.

Rosemary Graber

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