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Representative Minjarez and Senator MenÚndez To File David's Law 
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by: Rep. Minjarez, Ina

AUSTIN, TX - State Senator José Menéndez, Representative Ina Minjarez, the Molak Family, and the Vasquez Family will file David's Law on Monday November 14th. This is the first day legislation can be filed for the 85th legislative session. David's law is a bill aimed at preventing and combating cyberbullying. The bill is named after David Molak who tragically took his own life being cyberbullied.


On December 14, 2015, Senator Menéndez and Representative Ina Minjarez met with the Vasquez family. Their son, Matt, had been repeatedly harassed online through anonymous social media accounts. The vitriolic language spewed was simply appalling. Among other attacks, Matt was bullied for having leukemia and encouraged to kill himself. Fortunately, Matt got the help he needed and was able to recover from the mental torment. However, both offices worked with school officials and law enforcement, but were told current law was not sufficient for the family to find justice or end the bullying.

Then on January 4th 2016, the ultimate tragedy struck a family in San Antonio. After extensive, inescapable, and vile online harassment directed at David Molak, a 16 year-old student with all the potential in the world, took his own life. David's family has been resilient in the face of unspeakable anguish. In honor of their son, they have called on the Texas Legislature to pass David's Law, a bill to prevent and combat bullying.

Press Conference Information:

WHAT: Press Conference To File David's Law

WHO: State Senator José Menéndez, Representative Ina Minjarez, Molak Family, and Vasquez Family

WHEN: Monday, November 14th at 1:00pm

WHERE: State Capitol of Texas, Senate Press Conference Room, 2E.9

Sen. Menendez Contact: Dwight Clark | 512-463-0126
Rep. Minjarez Contact: Nar Dorrycott | 512-463-0634

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