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State Representative Ernest Bailes IV sworn into the Texas Legislature  print page

by: Rep. Bailes, Ernest

AUSTIN, TX - Today, Ernest Bailes IV (Shepherd) was sworn in as the State Representative to serve House District 18 at the Texas State Capitol. On this memorable occasion, Representative Bailes was accompanied by his wife Courtney, their two sons, "Cinco" and Rigby, along with other family and friends.

Representative Bailes will serve a two year term representing House District 18, which includes Liberty, San Jacinto, and Walker counties. Amongst 150 house members, he joins a freshmen class of more than 20 other new legislators.

"I am grateful to the constituents of House District 18 for allowing me to represent and serve our rural district in Austin during the 85th Legislative Session. I am eager to tackle some of the state's most challenging issues including public education, border security, and passing a balanced budget.," said Representative Bailes.

Representative Bailes is a 5th generation rancher and small business owner who understands the importance of hard work and achieving goals. The values instilled early in his life are what continue to drive him today and will guide him in making decisions important to his district.

Visitors to the Texas Capitol are welcome to stop by Representative Bailes' office in the Capitol Extension, room E1.316, or contact the office by telephone at (512) 463-0570.

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Room E2.812

P.O. Box 2910

Austin, TX 78768

(512) 463-0570


PO Box 1116

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(936) 628-6687