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by: Rep. Schofield, Mike

Austin - State Representative Mike Schofield filed House Bill 771 to disqualify and replace faithless electors in the Electoral College. Senator Paul Bettencourt will sponsor the bill in the Senate.

HB 771 would require electors to cast their vote for the candidates for president and vice president who received the most votes in Texas. If an elector attempted to change their ballot, that elector would be removed and replaced by an alternate elector. Under HB 771, alternate electors would be chosen in the same process that electors are chosen.

"Democracy means nothing if the votes of the people of Texas don’t count,” said Schofield. “All of our state’s electoral votes need to go to the candidate the voters chose in the election.” HB 771 aims to ensure transparency and accountability in the electoral process," said Schofield.

If this bill is enacted, Texas would join 29 other states and the District of Columbia which require their electors to cast the state’s electoral votes for the candidate their state’s voters chose in the general election.

“The Electoral College is an important and unique feature of the American system of government,” Senator Bettencourt said. “Having served as a 2012 Presidential Elector, I know how important it is that these votes represent the choice of Texas voters in the Presidential Election. I commend Representative Schofield’s HB 771, which will ensure that Texas electors cast ballots that reflect the will of the voters in this state. I look forward to being the Senate sponsor of HB 771 and assisting with its passage so that Texas electors will honor the voice of the people.”

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