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Rep. Sanford Files Legislation Protecting Texas' Celebrations  print page

by: Rep. Sanford, Scott

(McKinney, TX) Today, Rep. Sanford filed legislation which will protect school districts, their employees, and students' right to celebrate our historic holidays.

"This bill will prevent the 'politically correct' culture from eroding historic celebrations in our schools. Through this legislation, school districts, teachers, and students will have clarity in which posters they can hang while celebrating Easter and which discussions they can have about the history of Hanukkah," said Rep. Sanford. "As recently as last week, a nurse's aide at Killeen I.S.D. was thrown into the national spotlight and forced into the judicial system to defend her right to display a Charlie Brown Christmas quote which included a biblical passage on her office door. She prevailed, but this bill will provide clarity for all parties involved so that our Texas celebrations and their history are preserved."

This is the first piece of legislation filed by Rep. Sanford for the 85th Legislative Session which begins January 10, 2017.

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