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by: Rep. Lucio III, Eddie

As of December 14, 2016 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a health alert related to Zika for those living in and traveling to the City of Brownsville which is part of Representative Eddie Lucio III district. Representative Lucio has been monitoring the situation and has worked close with the City and State officials to prevent further spread of the virus.

"I am deeply grateful for the measures the City of Brownsville and the State of Texas have taken in order to prevent and contain the spread of the Zika virus, " said Rep. Lucio

Fortunately, none of the cases were reported by pregnant women, but they continue to be at risk of infection. The CDC recommends routine Zika testing for pregnant women who live or have traveled to Brownsville in addition to routine tests for pregnant women who have traveled to Mexico. The Texas Department of State Health Services also recommends wearing mosquito repellant and wearing long sleeve shirts and pants. It is advised to remove standing water in cans, bottles, buckets, tires, wheel barrows or any container that can hold water, and covering them to prevent further still water storage.

"It is of the most importance that we create awareness of the symptoms, as it is the best prevention measure we can take at the moment," said Rep. Lucio

Symptoms of the Zika virus include fever, itchy rash, joint pain, and eye redness. If you are experiencing these symptoms please contact your local doctor are health care professional.

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