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by: Rep. Giddings, Helen

AUSTIN, TX - Dallas area legislators have come together to express support for the addition of Southern Methodist University to the Big 12 NCAA athletic conference:

"We believe that SMU would bring substantial value to the Big 12 and to Texas as a whole. Bringing in SMU would help solidify the Big 12's already strong presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth television markets and bring visitor spending to the region when games are hosted in the metroplex.

SMU has the unique position of being in the heart of Dallas and backed by incredibly devoted and generous supporters and fans. SMU has continued to invest in their athletic programs and facilities, proving there is a strong commitment at SMU to the future of its intercollegiate athletics program.

Academics are an important element of a conference, and SMU would be a valuable academic asset to the conference. Average SAT/ACT scores for first-year students would be the highest in the Big 12 and are the second highest among FBS institutions in Texas."

Members supporting the expansion include:

Rep. Roberto Alonzo
Rep. Linda Koop
Rep. Rafael Anchia
Rep. Morgan Meyer
Rep. Angie Chen Button
Rep. Toni Rose
Rep. Myra Crownover
Rep. Matt Shaheen
Rep. Dan Flynn
Rep. Kenneth Sheets
Rep. Helen Giddings
Rep. Ron Simmons
Rep. Eric Johnson

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