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Texas Unclaimed Property 
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by: Rep. White, James

(Austin, TX) - The State of Texas is currently sitting on millions of dollars owed to Texas citizens who have been victims of crime. State Representative James White urges any victims of crime to look into what restitution may be owed to them.

Out of the millions in unclaimed restitution funds statewide, there is currently $2,307.08 of unclaimed money for citizens of Jasper county, $8,604.03 for Tyler county, $26,485.46 for Polk county, and $13,439.76 for Hardin county. These sums, along with those in areas outside of House District 19, total almost $22 million dollars.

"Many Texas citizens are unaware that they are owed restitution payments when a criminal court tries a case. If someone is arrested and charged for committing a crime against you, the court will require the criminal to pay you money for damages or injuries. I urge Southeast Texans to claim their money that is currently sitting in state coffers," said Rep. White. "In addition, we must work to do more to track down the Texas citizens who are owed money," added Rep. White.

Please visit the Texas Comptroller's website specifically designed to help Texans search for unclaimed property that is owed to them:

If you have any questions, please contact State Representative James White's office at (512) 463-0490

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