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State Representative Ed Thompson Accepting Recommendations for Governor's Star of Texas Award 
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by: Rep. Thompson, Ed

Austin, Texas: Representative Ed Thompson announced that he is accepting recommendations for the Governor's Star of Texas Award for 2016.

"The Star of Texas Award is a noble program that credits the bravest citizens in our state. For thirteen years, numerous first responders and courageous citizens have been awarded one of the highest honors our state can present. I am grateful for the opportunity to recommend a qualified individual for Governor Greg Abbott's consideration."

To be eligible for consideration for this year’s awards, the critical incident must have occurred between September 1, 2003 and June 15, 2016, and the individual must not have previously received a Star of Texas Award.

The Star of Texas Award was established by HB 1937 during the 78th Legislative Session in 2003 to honor the service and sacrifice of first responders in our local communities. The award honors those who were seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. The award has been expanded since then to include all peace officers, firefighters, and emergency medical first responders who were seriously injured or killed in the line of duty; federal law enforcement officers or special agents seriously injured or killed while performing duties in Texas while assisting a state or local law enforcement agency; as well as all citizens who were seriously injured or killed while assisting Texas first responders on or after September 1, 2003.

If you know someone who should be considered for the Star of Texas Award, please contact Rep. Thompson's office at before June 1, 2016. The awards will be presented by Governor Abbott or his designee in September of 2016.

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