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Rep. Mary E. González to Participate in The Texas Tribune's "Public Education: The Next Five Years" Panel  print page

by: Rep. González, Mary

El Paso, TX - State Representative Mary Gonzalez will be a panel participant at the Texas Tribune's "Public Education: The Next Five Years" event on Friday at 11:30 MST at UTEP's Tomas Rivera Conference Center in the Union Building East, Room 308. Representative Gonzalez will be joined on the panel: by EPISD Superintendent, Juan Cabrera; TEA Chief Deputy Commissioner, Lizzete Gonzalez Reynolds; Council on Regional Economic Expansion and Education Development Interim Executive Director, Eduardo Rodriguez; and Texas Tribune moderator, Evan Smith.

Representative Gonzalez is exceptionally eager to discuss the state of Public Education in Texas, especially in regard to the funding of public education. The funding of public education is especially relevant now as a lawsuit filed by more than 600 school districts is being heard by the Texas Supreme Court. The basic claim of the school districts is that state officials have not provided the districts enough money to meet state lawmaker's goals, as well as the Texas Constitutional mandate that " the Legislature of the State establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools."

This event is an excellent opportunity for all residents to come listen to our state leaders, as well as to participate in the question and answer session following the panel. Further, the Tribune panel is a tremendous occasion for El Pasoans to engage the policy makers that will determine the direction of the Texas public education system in the future.
“This last session I worked hard to address issues important to District 75, especially those that effect the education of our community. I look forward to the chance to continue to stand up for our most valuable resource, our children, and I strongly encourage everyone to attend in this event.".

For more information, community members may contact Carlos Calderon.

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