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Rep. Mary E. González Joins National Coalition to Demand Fair Pay for Cheerleaders 
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by: Rep. González, Mary

AUSTIN -- With football season starting up again, Representative Mary E. González joins state lawmakers from Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, California and Maryland to demand that the NFL address the egregious lack of compensation for professional cheerleaders. Five teams have been faced with lawsuits regarding the labor practices for their professional cheerleaders, but in the two years since the first suit was filed the NFL has failed to act.

"Cheerleaders make millions of dollars for the NFL and the teams they represent," Representative González said, "but they receive little to no compensation for the countless hours they put in through practice and public appearances. In any other field, we would call this wage theft."

"These problems aren't limited to other states," González continued, "In Texas, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders bring in around $1 million per year, but as recently as 2013 it was reported that they make only $150 per game."

Cheerleaders across the country are misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees, which allows the teams to take advantage of these athletes. They are expected to cover the cost of their own uniforms, which cost hundreds of dollars. In order to meet the standards set by their teams, cheerleaders must additionally spend thousands of dollars on hair and makeup, none of which is reimbursed.

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