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State Representative Diego Bernal (San Antonio) statement regarding the second instance of anti-Semitic vandalism. 
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by: Rep. Bernal, Diego M.

I am deeply saddened by both instances of vandalism targeting the Jewish community. These actions undermine the spirit of community that defines this great city. Although the prejudice on display is troubling, it is crucial that we do not despair. In fact, it is up to us, as San Antonio residents, to respond by reaching out to one another across religious, cultural and geographic lines to demonstrate the best of who we are.

The intent of the vandals may be to have us cower in fear behind locked doors, but I predict the opposite will occur- we will open those doors for one another, join hands and remind each other of what makes this city great.

I have seen what the people of San Antonio are capable of, and believe that we will unite and ultimately prevail.

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