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Another important part of the strategy to help improve our transportation system.

El Paso, Texas: Recently, the Chairman of the Texas House Committee on Transportation, Representative Joe Pickett of District 79, El Paso, was invited to speak before the Houston Transportation Advocacy Group on the upcoming Texas Constitutional Amendment, Proposition #7 (Prop 7).

Prop. 7 will provide an additional $2.5 billion a year for roads starting in the 2018 budget, with NO NEW TAXES! It will also ensure that transportation funding grows with the state's economy by dedicating a portion of growth in the motor vehicle sales tax to road funding beginning in the 2020 budget.

In a statement issued by Transportation Advocacy Group Houston to its members: "Over 100 of Houston's mobility leaders properly thanked House Transportation Chairman Joe Pickett. His dedication to the full passage of SJR 5 and accompanying legislation will provide voters across the state an opportunity to say yes to better infrastructure this November."

Prop 7, a second installment to addressing the State's transportation issues, if approved by voters, will see a portion of existing sale taxes go directly to the States Highway Fund. (Tolled roads cannot receive money generated by Prop. 7.) A detailed analysis of all 7 proposed amendments are available at:

Pickett advised: "Prop. 7 will not raise or create any new taxes and is an important component, the 2nd step, in improving our transportation system and paying down current debate. It's the second part of addressing the problem of paying down the debt for transportation in the State."

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