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Rep. Blanco: Court Ruling Will Allow Texans to Keep Affordable Health Coverage  print page

by: Rep. Blanco, CÚsar

El Paso, TX: Representative Cesar J. Blanco, a member of the Texas House Public Health Committee, praised today's Supreme Court ruling that will allow Texans and individuals in states that did not establish a healthcare exchange to keep their health insurance tax credits.

"The court's ruling means that tens of thousands of El Pasoans will keep their hard-earned tax-dollars which help make healthcare coverage affordable for their families," said Rep. Blanco. "We should look forward and work towards further reducing the uninsured rate. It's time to leave proposals that will take healthcare coverage from hard-working Texans behind and instead expand Medicaid to help families and our local economy."

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates show that more than 830,000 Texans would have lost tax credits that help make insurance affordable had today's court ruling been different. Other estimates show that in the El Paso metro area, more than 50,000 individuals signed up for health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace as of February 15.

More than two million uninsured Texans who could gain coverage if Texas expanded Medicaid. In El Paso County, an estimated 57,000 residents could gain health coverage if Texas closed the Medicaid coverage gap.

Expanding Medicaid would also yield economic benefits for El Paso County.

Medicaid expansion would help create more than 7,000 local jobs, pump more than $220 million in new health care for our county economy, and shrink the $158 million local taxpayers pay now for uninsured health care.

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