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by: Rep. Giddings, Helen

Austin - Representative Helen Giddings (Dallas) joined several of her colleagues in the announcement of House Bill 1759 (by Aycock) which would improve the existing system of school finance, often referred to as "the Robin Hood" plan.

"For over a year, I have worked intensively with this small, bi-partisan group of legislators with one goal, which is to provide an equitable system of school finance based more on each child in the state, and less on school district wealth", said Representative Giddings. "The plan is still evolving and we intend to achieve the greatest possible improvement in per student funding which, at this point, indicates that 94% of students and 97% of school districts will come out ahead of the old system."

HB 1759 would delete several chapters of the Education Code which impose an exhaustively complex system for equalizing school district wealth.

Meeting regularly during the past year, and on Sundays during the session, Representative Giddings continues to work with her colleagues on the plan. The final touches are now being considered which will address the Cost of Education Index (C.E.I.), recapture, Additional State Aid for Tax Reduction (A.S.A.T.R.), the Mid-size School Allotment and the simplification of the state-wide equalization formula.

"We have one primary objective in this effort," Representative Giddings said, "it is to see that our system of finance provides every child in the state with a quality education and an equal opportunity to succeed. Our collective focus is on the school child, and not on the school district."

Representative Giddings serves the cities of Dallas, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Lancaster, Glenn Heights, Hutchins and Wilmer.

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